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What is IOH?

Welcome to It's Only Halftime - aging redefined. 

IOH is a global community built specifically for professionals - C-Suite, executives, and entrepreneurs - who've temporarily sacrificed their health & fitness for career, family, and success. Men and women who've tried everything to reclaim their true health potential but refuse to give up their true life potential. 

IOH represents the beginning of a new way of thinking about how you can age regardless of where life finds you, the challenges you face, or the obstacles in your way. IOH is a metaphorical halftime we can all declare at any moment and decide how we wish to truly live both now and in the future, beginning with your most precious asset - your health and well-being.

Your key to an extraordinary life!

What good are wealth, success, and possessions when you don’t possess true health? What are you working so hard for if your future is compromised? What example are you setting for your children? The choice is yours!

IOH represents a holistic lifestyle, not another 90-day or 7-day challenge. Our goals -  your goals - are bigger than that. Bigger than the mirror, the scale, the toned physique, or even the elusive six-pack. These results are the benefit of getting everything else right in your life. Meaningful results are easier than many marketers lead you to believe. 

IOH simplifies the entire process by returning to the basics, the foundation for exceptional health. No fads, no gimmicks, and no quick fixes that only perpetuate the problem and leave you frustrated with yet another "failed" attempt at reclaiming your health potential.

IOH is a mindset & way of life that lays the foundation for the LIFE you’ve always envisioned. Active, fit, strong, and healthy well into your retirement years. No one wants to age poorly. No one wants:

  • Low energy, fatigue, brain fog
  • An expanding waistline
  • Chronic diseases

  • A growing collection of medications

  • Endless doctor visits

  • Nursing homes, assisted living, dialysis, or worse?

Far too many people are on that dark road due to bad choices or a life they've accepted. The sooner you decide enough is enough, the easier it will be to reclaim what is still possible - the life in front of you when you declare It’s Only Halftime today!


As an Inner Circle member, you’ll have exclusive access to Patricia and Dr. Andreas’ insights, lifestyle tips, cooking and shopping advice, and workouts - plus a first-hand look at their life on the go. You’ll see how they lead a busy, balanced life and maintain exceptional health despite daily challenges. This window into their life can help you translate how they live into your daily routine. The Inner Circle is a community where you’re held accountable to higher health, life, and fitness standards. 

You'll also have the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals, people just like you looking to defy what others consider the expected consequences of aging. People willing to accept personal responsibility for their health and fitness for an extraordinary life. A life beyond an ever-declining average at the detriment of their long-term health potential. 

We believe you can have it all! Health and fitness in addition to your outward success. To get the most out of this group, don't be shy - jump in and contribute to the conversation. The more you give to the group, the more you will get out of the group. Together, everything is still possible -  the sooner you declare,  It’s Only Halftime!


  • Access to the 7x7 Challenge to jumpstart your age-defying journey
  • Connect with an elite community committed to living an exceptional life
  • Develop the mindset to realize your life's true health potential, a life beyond average
  • aging redefined nutrition, fitness, supplements, and biohacks to help conquer life's daily challenges
  • Access to our Aging ReDefined Resource Library, Products & Supplements
  • Exclusive member discounts on products, training programs, gear, and more
  • Witness Dr. Andreas and Patricia living healthy life choices regardless of what life throws their way -  and more

Aging is inevitable BUT how you age is a choice!

How Will You Choose To AGE?